Our Mission

Our Commitment:

The professional and student staff members of the Pirate Academic Success Center are committed to the academic success of all ECU students. We believe that every Pirate can be successful with the right learning supports in place. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment designed to assist students achieve their academic goals.

Our Goals:

 Student Success: The success of our students is the ultimate measure of our university. We will support excellence, expand opportunity and celebrate achievement.

  • We will promote the learning experience of all ECU students, including our peer leaders.
  • We will value the fair and equitable treatment of all students and foster an inclusive environment in which all students are welcome.
  • We will uphold academic integrity and professionalism in all student services.
  • We will encourage collaborative learning, fostering student critical thinking, problem solving, and academic communication skills.

 Public Service: As demonstrated by our motto, Servire, service is at the heart of this university. We will inspire the next generation of leaders to carry this spirit of service into their professional lives. We will demonstrate this commitment to service by being engaged with the needs of eastern North Carolina and beyond.

  • We will provide leadership opportunities for ECU students to experience the workplace and their roles as employees and peer leaders.
  • We will foster opportunities for professional development, training, and engagement for all our peer leaders.
  • We will share best practices and learning center success with regional and state institutions of higher learning, seeking to highlight our profession and the work of East Carolina University students and staff.

Regional Transformation: We see the challenges of eastern North Carolina and accept them as our own. We recognize that transformative leadership requires us to engage globally. Through partnerships and discovery, we will be a force for progress and growth to achieve regional and global impact.

  • We will support the achievement of Higher Education, valuing the transformational role educational achievement plays in the lives of our students, our region, and state.
  • We will work as a partner to business and industry in providing resources for future graduates to build leadership and workforce readiness skills needed for employment in the global marketplace.

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