Partway Home

Welcome back to ECU! As a partway home student, the Pirate Academic Success Center (PASC) is here to assist your successful completion of your ECU degree. We want to help you Finish What You Started!

As a returning student, you may now be a parent or working full-time, and we understand that going back to school after a break can be overwhelming. PASC offers to you free tutoring and academic success coaching services. Our team wants to support your goals, help you succeed in your classes, and help you reach the FINISH line!

To find out more on how the Pirate Academic Success Center can assist you as you return to ECU, contact us at 252-737-3009 or simply stop by our center at the Old Cafeteria Complex.

To schedule an appointment with an academic success coach complete this short form.

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You can also book a study skills or tutoring appointment online: or by calling us at 252-737-3009.

Remember, all PASC services are free to ECU enrolled students!

Academic Success Coaching

The Academic Success Coaching program provides academic support to all ECU students – free of charge! In a one-on-one academic coaching session, you can develop an individualized plan for implementing practical, proven strategies resulting in better grades.  Coaching assistance focuses on the following topics:  obtaining college success, enhancing test taking skills, improving study habits, learning textbook reading tips, effective note taking in lectures, improving academic time management and motivation, developing course success strategies and referrals to other campus resources if needed.

Academic coaching sessions can be in person at the PASC or online via Microsoft TEAMS platform.  Sessions are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and are designed specifically around your needs. If this is something you are interested in, you can book an appointment online at


Free Tutoring Services at the Pirate Academic Success Center

At the Pirate Academic Success Center, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to all of our students’ needs and individual learning styles.  We understand that as an adult learner, you may have career, family, or financial demands outside of a traditional student.  We are here to support you!  Below are a few of our Tutoring Services designed to assist you in your academic success.

Tutoring by Appointment

This semester, courses will be supported through a blend of in-person and online appointments scheduled by PASC staff.

To schedule an appointment, you can call 252-737-3009, book online at, or by reaching out via email at .

Current Course Offerings

Digital Tutoring Resources on Canvas

Course specific tutoring resources are available for ECU students on Canvas.  To access Canvas, visit and login using your Pirate ID and passphrase.  On Canvas you will find Biology 1050, 1100, 1200, 2130, 2140, and 2150, Chemistry 1120, 1130, 2750, and 2760, Physics 1250 and 1260 tutoring resources that contain helpful videos produced by PASC tutors.  If you have any trouble accessing the digital content, please email



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