PASC Study Groups

The PASC Peer-Led Study Group Program provides the opportunity for students enrolled in introductory courses to meet on a weekly basis with a group of peers to review course material, solve problems, and gain an understanding of course concepts. Study groups are led by peer tutors who have already successfully completed the course and are trained in facilitation techniques.

Study groups meet at the Pirate Academic Success Center. Study group meetings are designed to engage all group members and are not meant to be tutoring or review sessions led solely by the group facilitator. Group leaders use facilitation techniques, encouraging and supporting members to teach and learn from each other. Study group membership is voluntary, but members are required to attend regularly and participate actively.

To join a study group, go to  If you are interested in joining a study group that is not listed or if you have questions about the Peer-Led Study Group Program e-mail us at

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